Dear Participants

Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation (TUSAF) is a non-governmental organization that gathers companies serving in the flour industry under one roof and aims continuous development and solution-oriented strategies. TUSAF conducts research in line with the needs of the sector, representing eight associations, cooperates with public sector institutions, other professional entities and industry stakeholders.

TUSAF is an umbrella organization established with the memberships of associations established by companies spread across all geographical regions of Turkey. In this context, TUSAF, close cooperation with other institutions and organizations that are in direct or indirect contact with the sector, aims to provide maximum benefit to its members and the Turkish flour industry. In addition to the international congress and exhibition held every year, it brings together the industrialists within the framework of national and regional meetings, and paves the way for the development of the sector with the contributions of expert trainers and managers.

As we all know, while the effects of the pandemic process, which causes economic and social destruction on a global scale, are still continuing, bright days have started to show with the acceleration of vaccination. This process we are in; It has once again shown the importance of the agriculture and food sector in sustainable economic development, and the climate change, which is felt dominantly all over the world and in our country, has once again reminded us of the importance of our duties, first as individuals and then as industrialists. With the efforts of all our industrialists and sector stakeholders and the high-level support of our public institutions and organizations, we will be able to come out of these difficult conditions even stronger.

In this context; in cooperation Turkish Grain Board (TMO); we would like to inform you that TUSAF 16th International Congress and Exhibition will be held on November 11-14, 2021, Titanic Mardan Palace and Trendy Lara Hotel in Antalya under the name of “1st Turkey Grain Congress” with the theme of “Climate Change and Global Pandemic”. Due to the high registration demand of our guests and to the need for larger capacity, the opening protocol ceremony and gala dinner are at Trendy Lara Hotel instead of Mardan Titanic Hotel; opening cocktail, sessions and exhibitions will be held at Titanic Mardan Palace Hotel. Participants will be able to open a table stand in the opening ceremony area if they wish. There will be a regular shuttle service between the two hotels.

This congress will bring together many sector stakeholders such as flour, pasta and feed industrialists, traders, suppliers, mill machinery and bakery products manufacturers, will host more than 1000 national and international delegates, and will be a large organization with at least 50 exhibition areas. You can find all the details about the congress and the exhibition at  and  The languages ​​of the congress will be Turkish, English and Russian.

At the congress, where current issues will be discussed, it is aimed to strengthen commercial relations for both existing and new markets, to establish new ties and to bring together buyers, sellers and manufacturers of the industry.

It is aimed to discuss climate change, post-pandemic grain and flour markets, sustainability dynamics in agriculture, world grain policies and trade with the speakers and guests, and to evaluate the problems and propose solutions together with the leaders of the sectors.

For the importance of you, our esteemed guests, and our public health, we would like to inform you that our guests who have not been vaccinated will be admitted to the hotel/venue in accordance with the mandatory PCR test procedures, in accordance with the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior in order to minimize the risk of the Covid-19 outbreak in terms of public health and public order.

As the Board of Directors of the Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation, we would like to state that your participation in the congress will honor us.


Kind regards.

Dr. Eren Günhan ULUSOY

TUSAF Executive Board Chairman